Comte de Lally of French attempted to besiege Wandiwash in 1760. In this decisive battle Sir Eyre Coote of the English army defeated the French and imprisoned Bussi. Lally escaped and hide in Pondicherry. Finally, Eyre Coote attacked Pondicherry and Lally had to surrender unconditionally in 1761.
French had to lose all their bases in India due to Carnatic wars. In spite of this, as per the ‘Treaty of Paris’ in 1763, Pondicherry was returned to French. With these developments, French lost their importance in India. Like this, English by defeating all their rivals, started consolidating their power over the Southern India.
Know this:
Robert Clive: Robert Clive, who laid the firm foundation of the British Power in India, had joined the East India Company as clerk. He played a decisive role in Carnatic wars, particularly in the siege of Arcot and played a prominent role in the British victory. He was successful in establishing the British rule over South India and was instrumental in Bengal victory also.

After the Battle of Plassey in 1757, he gained control over the Nawab of Bengal also. Clive amassed immense wealth in all these ventures and helped the East India Company to earn more profit. Clive returned to England with immense wealth rich and became the Member of Parliament. With the return of Clive to England, the East India Company started facing losses in its business. Even though, there were many allegations against Clive, the British government had to resend Clive to India to save the company and also save the face of the country.

The British won the Buxar battle and earned back its respect again. Clive was successful in securing the Dewani rights for the British over Bengal, Bihar and Odisha regions. This brought more wealth to Robert Clive and to East India Company as well.

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