The Portuguese and Dutch had withdrawn from India unable to withstand the competition from French and English by 18th century. Finally, French and English resorted to show strength in order to establish their political supremacy over India.

Meanwhile, political volatility aroused in the regions of Hyderabad and Carnatic (Eastern part of Tamil Nadu) and both the English and French tried to exploit the situation in their favour. This led to three Carnatic Wars.
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Hyderabad Kingdom was established in 1724 by AsafJha. His feudatory ruler Dost Ali who was ruling Carnatic region was not loyal to him. The Marathas killed Dost Ali in 1740 and looted Carnatic and imprisoned his Son-in-law Chandasheb in Sathara. AsafJha named Anwaruddin as the Nawab of Carnatic in the place of Dost Ali.

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