Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese sailor who left Lisbon and reached Kappadu near Calicut on the East coast of India in 1498. By this, he was successful in discovering a new sea route to India. This route continued to be the route of trade between India and Europe for many years. Like this Portuguese were the first to re-establish trade between India and Europe.
Know this:
In 1869, a huge canal was built in Egypt to connect the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea and it is called Suez Canal. Until the building of Suez canal, the sea route discovered by Vasco da Gama was the route used for the trade between India and Europe. The ships had to pass the Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost tip of Africa to reach India. The distance between Mumbai and London through Cape of Good Hope is 10,800 nautical miles (01 nautical mile = 1.85 KMS), it is only 6,200 nautical miles through Suez canal. The journey is reduced to half of the distance.

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