On the request of Dupleix, La Bourdonnais, a French military leader from Mauritius invaded Madras and captured it. This forced the helpless British to request the help of Anwaruddin, the Nawab of Carnatic for support. The army sent by Anwaruddin failed to defeat the French at Madras. Finally, La Bourdonnais took money from the English and returned Madras and went back to Mauritius. This enraged Dupleix and attempted to take Madras but failed in it. Finally, this war ended with a treaty in Europe between France and England called‘Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle‘.
Know this:
The Nizam of Hyderabad, AsafJha died in 1748. A tussle started between his son Nasir Jung and his daughter’s son Mujaffar Jung for the throne. On the other hand, a fight had broken out between Chandasaheb(who was released from the Maratha prison) and Anwaruddin in Carnatic. French extended their support to Mujaffar Jung in Hyderbad and Chandasaheb in Cranatic. The English extended their supported Nasir Jung and Anwaurddin.
IN 1749, the combined forces of French, Chandasaheb and Mujaffar Jung defeated Anwaurddin and killed him in Ambur battle. As a result Chandsaheb became the ruler of Carnatic. Mahammad Ali, the son of Anwaruddin, stayed at Thiruchanapalli with the help of English. In Hyderabad, Mujaffar Jung became the Nizam by killing Nasir Jung with the help of French and Chandasaheb. He got killed after a few days. The French made Salabath Jung, another son of Asaf Jha as the Nizam of Hyderbad.

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